BayCon 2009: Important Announcement

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chairmantycho just sent the following to the staff list, with a request for distribution.

Dear Attendees,

With deep regret, I must inform you that Mercedes Lackey and Larry Dixon will not be able to attend BayCon this year due to illness. Unfortunately, their doctor felt it was best for Mercedes to refrain from travel at this time as she has a nasty version of the common flu. We are in contact with them, and have been told to expect her full recovery. As a long-time fan of their work, I share your disappointment. I assure you that we are doing everything in our power to have them available via internet conference, and the Hyatt has begun working with us to solve the technical aspects of making that possible. We are also working on replacement programming that will highlight and celebrate their body of work and achievements. In addition, they are still sending many of their physical works of art for you to see, as well as autographed bookplates for BayCon to distribute. They are very disappointed as well, as they were very much looking forward to meeting us here at BayCon.

We will continue to keep you posted as we re-confirm our backup plans, and work towards having Mercedes and Larry available for you by internet conference.

Thank you for your understanding,

BayCon 2009
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Contact Conference

Will anyone be going to Contact this weekend?

I always enjoy attending, and it really is astounding some of the things I have witnessed at this conference.
This year is the silver anniversary celebration, and it looks to be a good line up of presenters.
Because it is the silver anniversary, I've made something special for the occasion, but you'll have be there to see it in person, and if you buy a certain purchase from Springtime Creations, a percentage will be going back to Contact/COTI.

Join us!

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Living in paradise
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Great idea for a community! It's always good to know what's going on in west coast fandom.

I'll kick things off by mentioning that Conjecture will be happening in San Diego September 26-28 at the Crowne Plaza San Diego. The Guest of Honor is David Drake, and it will have the usual assortment of programming, dealers room, art show and social events. They're a GREAT con with a lot of really fun folk, so I encourage everyone to come down and check them out! :)
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